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We have included our technical details below.

Technical Details:
For production, we own 2x four camera rigs each consisting of 4x BlackMagic Micro Studio Cameras, 4x Fuji fisheye lenses, 2x Convergent Designs 7q+ Odyssey Apollo recorders (up to 1 hr continuous recording of 4 streams of 4k ProResHQ recording on ssd, multiple ssd’s available with on-set data management kit), genlock, timecode, hot swap anton bauer batteries w/power distro. We can also reconfigure this into a 6, 7 or 8 camera rig and will very soon have live stitching/streaming capabilities for a 4 camera rig.
We have a post setup that includes GTX Titan X/1080/Quadro M6000 & FirePro W9100 gpus, portable 10Gig shared storage (40TB & 80TB), color control surface. Software including 2 seats of Nuke Studio w/CaraVR, 4 render nodes of Nuke/CaraVR, Rush render queue manager (extra licenses available), Scratch VR, Mocha VR, Mettle Skybox v2, Adobe Creative Suite. Resolve & Mistica potentially available also.

We also have a Nokia Ozo and 360Rize Abyss (6 GoPro underwater camera
rig) available, and will soon have Ozo Live capabilities. We have experience shooting (& stitching/post) with multiple other camera rigs such as the Jaunt One, GoPro Odyssey/Google Jump platform, Dark Corner/a7s, Z-Cam S1, Z-Cam S1 Pro, various GoPro configurations as well as nodal shoots with Red & Arri cameras.